Morrey’s Super Oscillator

Recently, we had an occasion to review some very old Audio Amateur articles, dating all the way back to issue 4 of 1975. Among them was Morrey’s Super Oscillator, by Walter T. Morrey. This article was a landmark piece in a couple of regards. It provided a comprehensive update for the Heath IG-18 sine wave oscillator, a popular test bench instrument of the period. In it Walt Morrey lays out numerous IG-18 improvements, going far beyond the typical DIY “tweaks”. The replacement op amp topology used for the IG-18 is just as sound today as it was in 1975 (setting device availability as a side-issue). In fact, some of the cascoding features used within individual stages were not only superior then, but also remain so today.

It would be interesting to see someone develop this op amp circuit into a discrete part modern realization, using some of today’s improved complementary SMD active parts. Thanks to Walt Morrey for sharing this classic with us!

(originally posted Feb 2013)