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This page is for user requested articles, etc.  If you wish to request a past Walt Jung article, it may be available but not online as yet. Or, it may need to be scanned, which can take longer. In any case, I will try to be responsive to any reasonable request for articles, papers, etc. Note that this does not include books, nor does it include any article other than those I have authored (and thus control their reproduction). 

To make such an article request, fill out the form below.

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Some recent requests (last in / first listed format):

  • Vladislav Polur asked about a preamplifier “made based on your article about using video op amps in audio”. The resulting answer involved several related articles, and is contained within two new Guest Contribution postings, by Grayson King and Klaus Noll.
  •  Chris  Paul asked a question about a very old article of mine, on a sine wave oscillator application of the NE570/571. The article was “Gain Control IC for Audio Signal Processing”, which dates back to the July 1977 Ham Radio. This is now available here, via the above link. I had thought that the original Signetics version has been long gone, but Chris informs me that On Semiconductor still makes the SA571. Update, 10/21/2013: Chris Paul’s sine wave oscillator article using the SA571, “Simple Sineman”, appears in AudioXpress, November 2013, p52.
  • Larry Burk asked about Gary Galo’s Part 4 of the 1995 “Regulators for High-Performance Audio” series. Thanks to author Gary Galo’s generosity, it is now available here.
  • John Curl expressed interest in “Taming Ampzilla“, which originally appeared in The Audio Amateur, within issue 2/1975.    
  • Related to the above, which derived from DIYAudio discussions of power amp designs, there is also my review article on the Ben Duncan and Doug Self power amplifiers books, which appeared within Audio Electronics, issue 5/1997.

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  1. Could it possible to ask article Walt Jung, Rich Markell “Low Dis­tortion Video Buffer,” Electronic Design, March 9, 1989, p. 90.

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