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2012: I made some follow on comments to the Jack Walton’s article in Linear Audio, Volume 4, “A Comparative Overview of Power Supply Regulator Designs with Listening Tests”. This appears on the website as a Letter-to-the-Editor, along with Jack’s response. 

2012: audioXpress published an interview with yours truly, as conducted by Shannon Becker, appearing in their October issue on page 32. This interview is available here as a PDF, through the courtesy of audioXpress.

2011: A book review of Bob Cordell’s Designing Audio Power Amplifiers was published on DIYAudio. A reprint of that review can be found under the link above. A discussion forum on this book can also be found on DIYAudio.

2010: A letter on the Ed Simon review of the Burson Audio Modules (AudioXpress, October 2009) appeared along with the author’s response, in AudioXpress, January 2011, pp. 41-43.  Note: the email address given within the letter is incorrect, so use the contact page of this website should you wish to write.

2009: A follow up letter on the Sources 101 cascode MOSFET current source appeared (AudioXpress, April 2009), along with much higher resolution performance data. Note: Several corrections also appear.

2008: ‘A Look Back At 40 Years of Ideas for Design’ was a nostalgic piece done for Electronic Design‘s 2008 Idea for Design October issue. A Look Back At 40 Years of Ideas for Design, October 2, 2000

2008: In the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Letters to the Editor column of January 2008, there is is an interesting letter on a seminal development and some very early op amp history. This letter references a Thomas Lee article from the , “Tales of the Continuum: A Subsampled History of Analog Circuits“, Fall 2007 issue, pp. 38-51 (available to IEEE members via login).

2007: Two letters on the two-part series ‘Sources 101′, were published in AudioXpress, September 2007, pp. 56-60. Included along with this discussion is performance of enhanced circuit versions both in SPICE, and lab tests. Note: this reprint corrects some discrepancies. Two ‘Sources 101′ Letters, September 2007

2007: ‘Sources 101, Part Two’, was published in AudioXpress, May 2007, pp. 8-17. This second article of two parts focuses on higher current/voltage, as well as higher precision of current source stages for audio circuits. This web version was prepared by the graphics department of Audio Amateur, Inc. Sources 101, Part 2

2007: ‘Sources 101, Part One’, was published in AudioXpress, April 2007, pp. 10-23. This article, the first of two parts, focuses on basic operation of current source stages for audio circuits. This web version was prepared by the graphics department of Audio Amateur, Inc.  Sources 101, Part 1

2005: ‘Those Long-Lost Hi-Fi Kits’ was published in The Audiophile Voice, in Volume 10, issue 4. It is a nostalgic review of Walt’s early days as a teenage kit builder in the 1950’s, with some early history on kit vendors mixed in. Those Long-Lost Hi-Fi Kits

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